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unknownMany of you have asked, “How can we support this noble effort and its fight against third-world-like ineptitude and tyranny?”  Well…  If you wish to be a part of the establishment of this sustainable, organic, off-grid homestead and enjoy some preliminary products that we are bringing to the community, you can send a gift by clicking below.Buy Now Button

  • As a sign of our gratitude, all benefactors receive an autographed copy of Mother Earth News magazine’s Spring 2017 article naming our family Homesteaders of the Year, and a personal note.
  • Well-wishers sending gifts of $100 or more also receive from the homestead property 1 oz of organic mamaki in individual tea bags.  Perfect for decompressing after a stressful day.
  • Supporters gifting $500 and up will, in addition, get a bottle of our handcrafted culinary vinegar, brewed from bananas grown on island.  (Great for salads and casseroles, fish and chips, oysters, soups and stews, etc.).
  • Angel investors interested in contributing in a more magnanimous way, please contact us

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