Teutonic Eggs, the Tao of the Yurt, and a Middling Rant

(Week Eleven)

Paschal Full Moon Passing

Today, people of the Book who recognize the one called Jesus as Messiah greet one another with a hearty ‘He is risen!“ Others spout a simple "Happy Easter!” (“Easter,” of course, deriving from the name of an archaic European pagan goddess of the dawn whose totem just happened to be a hare.) Still some get by with a cheery “Hide the colored eggs of Germanic folkloric origin and pass the cheap mass produced chocolate bunnies of American industrialism!” Whatever your persuasion, I greet you with heartfelt cheer on this glorious Spring day. With about one week left before we saddle up and ride into the sunset, it is almost go time. Here is a quick update.

A Yurt is a Yurt…or Is It?

Who would have ever imagined that, in this age of sophistication, well-heeled folk across the Land of Plenty would be adopting living arrangements perfected by the Mongol Horde centuries ago? We Americans have put our own touch of panache on this humble and ancient dwelling, however, taking it to a level that the Great Khans never envisioned. From our cars to our hair gel, if there is anything we as a nation have come to demand, it is options, usually in embarrassing numbers reflective of extravagance; the choices involved in putting together a modern yurt are no less.

So…you have seen the flexibility for floor plan designs for the yurt of today (if not, go back a few posts and also explore www.yurtsofhawaii.com). Now, it is time to consider color.

As a member of the smitten sex, color choices do not factor too greatly into life, as long as the hues in question do not look too…well…girly. My bride, however, is fully endowed with every iota of color fixation common to her gender. Shall we have a motley abode reminiscent of the best jester costumes of courts past, complete with purple and green and gold? How about a florescent raspberry shade like a sales tent at a Mary Kay convention? Or do we want more of the desert encampment look that harkens back to WWII and North Africa? (The Rat Patrol was always one of my favorite t.v. shows as a kid.)

How do we resolve my fair lady’s preference for hues of blue with my more earthy taste for deep greens without creating something like a circus tent? Again, these are just not things they prepare you for in school. Here are some initial schemes that we are toying around with:

This all brings to mind an important question. Just what do you call a hippy family of mixed Anglo-Saxon and Han descent who live in the dwelling of nomadic horsemen from the Asian steppes, but on a Polynesian island under the administrative control of the descendants of British revolutionaries? Colorful? Confused? Conflicted?

The Family Thespian Speaks (The older middling, in case you wondered.)

What excites you about the road ahead?
“Las Vegas.”

Any concerns?

“Everything concerns me about Hawaii.”
With your last week of public school and moving day in sight, what else is on your mind?

“Where will I take my A.P. History test? Where will I find new breeds, warmer weather breeds, of chickens to work with? When will I get my personal cabin?”


Next week promises to be full of excitement–or, at least, hard work–as the pods arrive and we launch the pack out in earnest. Meanwhile, I leave you with some words of wisdom, regarding land purchases, from our 32nd president in the post below. (I do not think he had in mind purchases of land in a tectonically active region and in the shadows of a live volcano.) Also for your perusal is a link to another website chock full of edifying goodies. Adieu.


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