Press On

0250103B-4EEF-4B73-9A27-E263B87C41DDIt is 2018 (CE or AD, depending on your world view).  Four years now on the high seas of this grand life expedition, and–as if in the doldrums of seafarer lore–we are stuck in transition, somewhere between the lives of those tourists on Gilligan’s Island and those intrepid explorers aboard the Starship Enterprise.  We press on.

A5CA8593-8969-44C7-B176-DA607E99FECALike pioneers of old, we have spent forty-eight months, with four kids, living out of suitcases.  We have been sheltered by rental and gifted homes (never part of our plan), fed by solar power and rain catchment, and outfitted with camping cookware, quick dry towels, compost toilets, and cots.  We have experienced many 121190DA-1672-48DE-9F90-EF47608516A3run-ins with thieves, neighborly drug addicts, nudist polyamorists, a felon in hideout, and even an FBI fugitive.  We have lamented the loss of livestock to plant-based poisons and predators, the destruction of crops by wild pigs, and the medical debilitation or death of several church-family members.  Press on.

The story of our lives here has been punctuated by house fire and house floods, hurricane, earthquakes, lava flows, volcanic ash, and the more mundane (but much too frequent) vehicle repairs and minor traffic accidents (eight flat tires during the course of one trying year and two-totaled cars).  Our construction funds have been decimated by contractor ineptitude, government bureaucracy, and other hallmarks of residential life in the oft misunderstood Hawaii.  Debt has grown from (literally) zero to “I can’t count that high.”  Yet, we press on.

“How do you manage, old bean?,” you ask.   Just as those who went before us:  faith and grit, my good fellows, faith and grit.  (And perhaps a touch of insanity.)

Welcome to our story.

(If the latest post seems stale (see “Captain’s Log” on the menu above), rest assured, a new update is on the way and just sitting somewhere between draft, edit, and release.  We are likely just temporarily waylaid by fire ants, German cockroaches, mongooses, and wild pigs or are busy chasing off thieves and litigating against inept contractors.)


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